Alpine Weekend Edition

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The tables turned this week, a Cherokee victory today announced at lunch. They won by about 5 points so it was incredibly close. I think the Mohawks won last week by 3 so it is literally neck and neck now. Final competition in activities over these last 10 days will determine the winning tribe.

Competition was not on our minds last night. Dancing was! Tyler wrote nice reviews of both dances in our Camp Newsletter that he posted this morning. Be sure and check those out if you have not already. I am struck by what gentlemen your boys are. They are truly welcoming and kind to the girls. I am also struck by how much fun everyone has. Carter and Gigi went over with the younger boys to Desoto for their dance. Caroline and I stayed here. After dinner I had to run by the office to take care of a couple things. By the time I got to the gym everyone was on the dance floor, literally everyone. Dancing their hearts out. Bully and Sarah Hurt, from Desoto, DJ the dance over here. They set up on the gym stage, a little above the crowd, where they can give instructions. They do a great job of playing songs that allow for line dancing and even some traditional square dancing.

One thing I love is to watch the boys watching the girls when a particular song comes on. At Desoto they dance every day, learning all the moves to choreographed line dances to certain songs. They love it! So when they hear the first few chords of a song, shrieks and screams go up into the air and they rush to the dance floor. The boys don’t know what to do at first. But you can guess what they do. They follow the girls out to the floor, stand next to them and do their best to mimic the motions. Don’t worry, just because we don’t practice each day doesn’t mean these guys can’t hang. We’ve got some dancers in the bunch!

You never know who you might meet at a Desoto dance, and where that meeting might lead you in the future. I think I’ve mentioned in past posts that I camped at Alpine growing up. I grew up in Jackson, MS and was very fortunate to be able to camp for 6 years. Most of you probably know that Carter grew up at Alpine, her parents, the O’Ferrall’s, the Directors. She was a camper at Desoto during her growing up years.

Carter and I first met at the Alpine Desoto dance in 1991, when we were 13 years old. We were introduced that night and even danced a few square dance numbers together! We wrote letters over the next few years and saw each other at camp in the summers. We both ended up matriculating at Ole Miss several years later. Now we have been married almost 11 years. No promises or guarantees on a future spouse, but you never know! The point being camp is a healthy, safe place for boys to learn how to interact with girls.

Today was a wonderful day in camp. Late Reveille at 8 AM, traditional Sunday pancakes, then a church service in the gym. Richard Vise, our camp minister for the summer, leads our church service. Richard was a counselor for several summers in college when he attended Vanderbilt. Now he is an ordained minister, ministering on the college campus. He works for a campus ministry at Auburn University, Reformed University Fellowship. We are fortunate to have he and his family here this summer with us for a 2nd straight year.

He and his wife Amy have three children. Their oldest son Thompson is also a camper, so he’s a camp dad as well. Richard’s job, in addition to preaching, is to be here for our staff. He is a resource for them, offering good wisdom on all sorts of things. He encourages them, offers Bible studies for them in their off time, and meets with them one on one. We are so grateful to have someone willing to serve and encourage these counselors as they do the same for their campers.

We kick off a busy week today, with Mountain Day, Desoto Glee Club show, Council Ring, and a few other special events coming up this week. I look forward to telling you about it as I’m able. Thanks for reading and good night for now . . .


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