Even When It Rains We Play

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We sing a song every Sunday, and again at Final Banquet, called “Thank you Lord, for Alpine”. One of the lines of the song says “even when it rains we play”. Today it rained, and we played! We needed the rain and were very grateful to have Little River replenished and the grass and plants finally soaked. A first big round of rain rolled in right as were preparing for Reveille about 7. We postponed wakeup til 7:45, going straight to Breakfast.

This pushed Morning Watch back to after breakfast. Sometimes an unexpected change of schedule is kind of welcome. It’s nice to break routine every now and then. Morning watches were held under cover. The Canyon (Hunters, Trappers, and Scouts are collectively known as the Canyon) met in the big room of the Lodge. The Mountain (Warriors and Braves) met in the Gym. Chiefs met on the large wrap around porch of Deerfoot Lodge, our meeting space at the Ridge.

The rain cleared just in time for us to hold our two scheduled morning activities before lunch. We usually have three but Morning Watch filled the first time slot usually reserved for the first period. The skies were cloudy and the air cool, a perfect morning for activities. During Rest hour, after lunch, another big round of heavy rain moved in. Rest hour rains are the best kind of rains at camp. We would be in the cabins anyway. It lasted a little bit into Store Period. Have no fear, we still held store just a bit late.

After store Roderick had planned age group activities for everyone under cover somewhere. The rain had slacked off but it was still pretty steady throughout the afternoon. But boy did we play. We broke out board games, porch 4 square, ultimate kickball in the gym, and several other dry games.

I almost forgot to mention my announcement at lunch! Our Program Directors typically make most announcements in the Dining Hall (as they are the ones announcing the plans). But they are kind enough to let me make a few announcements that are guaranteed crowd pleasers. So I stood up at lunch to announce that chartered buses would be rolling in bright and early tomorrow morning for Trip Day! I had to wait several minutes before I told them where they were headed on account of the cheers at every table in the room.

Trip Day just always seems to come at the right time. It’s a treat for everyone to get out of camp for a day. It’s almost magical for campers and staff alike when they see the outside world. Of course we’re equally happy to get right back to our little magical world on the Mountain tomorrow night.

Hunters are headed to Rock City, the TN Aquarium, and an IMAX movie in Chattanooga. More importantly, they will have Cheeburger, Cheeburger for lunch and Mr. T’s pizza for dinner. Trappers tour the Atlanta Braves stadium in the morning, a behind the scenes tour of the pressbox, locker room, etc. After a sack lunch they find their way to the World of Coke. Yes that’s right, a whole museum dedicated to Coca-cola! And yes, they will get to visit the tasting room with Coke products from all over the world. Then it’s on to the Georgia Aqarium, the largest of it’s kind in the world.

Scouts will have the longest trip. It will be well worth it when they roll into Dollywood theme park mid morning. That trip actually got the loudest screams of the day. There are some really fun rides and they’ll have full access to the park for the day. Warriors will whitewater raft the Nantahala River near Murphy, NC. They will actually get to be the first to meet up with the 2nd year Chiefs as they come off the Appalachian trail. The trail passes right by the Nantahala Outdoor Center. That’s where our Chiefs stop off and get to raft duckies on the river.

Braves and 1st year Chiefs will have their own adventure rafting the Ocoee River. The day promises to be full of fun and adventurous stories. I’ll try to give a good report tomorrow night with more details. Thanks for reading and good night for now . . .

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