Final Banquet

~ Glenn | Jul 24, 12 | 3 comments |

Final Banquet ended only minutes ago.  We closed with the traditional singing of Thank you Lord, for Alpine and The Farewell Song, with the oft quoted line, I’ve got eleven months to dream about next year.  Boys and counselors form a large circle in the gym, singing arm in arm, grateful for the wonderful friendships they have made.  Some tears were shed, the good kind, sad that it’s over.

Final Banquet confirms how much these boys love the relationships that are formed here, around activities and fun, without the pressures of school and modern distractions.  Even though just minutes before Roderick announced the winning tribe for the term, they circle up arm in arm with buddies from the opposite tribe.

Though of course competition is still a good thing, and they were on pins and needles with every final competition point announced.  Roderick gives each activities final competition totals individually before announcing the grand total.  It’s great theater, the Cherokees might lead in Mountain Biking and Riflery, then it swings back to the Mohawks for a few activities.  Sometimes a dead tie is announced for an activity and laughs and cheers go up from both sides.

In the end, with over 2500 points given out, only 5 points separated the two tribes.  That’s right 5 points.  It was a Cherokee term, 1376 – 1371.  About as close as you can get.

Thank you for sharing your sons with us this term.  It is a true joy to have them here.  We appreciate the trust you have placed in us.  We hope you will hear many stories as you drive down the mountain, and really throughout the year.  Many parents tell us that stories and growth continue to roll out all school year long.

A reminder that our gates will open at 7:30 CDT in the morning and most boys will be picked up by 10.  Don’t forget to stop by the left side of the office to pick up any extra medications.  We’ll have coffee and muffins on the Dining Hall lawn if you have time to stop by and say hello.

Thanks for reading and good night for now . . .


  1. ~ Melissa | 24 Jul 12 ~

    Thanks for taking such great care of our boys! They look happy and well-cared for in the photos each day. Have enjoyed reading the NEWS and Blogs!

  2. ~ Marilyn | 25 Jul 12 ~

    Go Cherokee!!

  3. ~ Peter Benes | 26 Jul 12 ~

    Way to go Cherokees.. class of ’73-’74. Medicene man in ’74! Keep the spirit.

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