Junior Camp Draws to a Close

~ Glenn | Aug 6, 12 | 1 Comment |

I love the last day of any session at camp.  There seems to be a calm and peace about camp and boys are relishing the last moments they  have with new friends.  We ran two activity periods this afternoon, having spent the morning packing and taking care of lost and found and a few other details.

At Store period I was standing by the store visiting with boys.  One camper came up and asked me what two periods we were running this afternoon.  At lunch Richard held a wheel of fortune like game show to determine what activities we’d run this afternoon.  Since we couldn’t get all 5 in we thought it would be fun to let boys cheer for their favorite.  So he brought in a giant wheel with the numbers 1 through 5 in equal parts around the wheel.  Our game show host, appropriately dressed in bad 80’s attire from the costume closet, spun the wheel landing us on periods 3 and 5 this afternoon.  Boys were screaming out their numbers, representing the activity they most hoped to visit one last time.

So at store a boy who could not remember asked me what periods we were running.  When I told him 3 and 5 he let out a huge scream and said those were his favorite two.  Based on his enthusiasm I think he might have said that about any two I had told him.  He loves camp!

Gail has outdone herself today in the kitchen.  We smelled the bacon frying this morning as we woke up (you can literally smell it almost to the Tennis courts).  French toast and bacon, with fresh peaches, cereal started off our day well.  Lunch held turkey sandwiches, with all the fixings, chips, fresh carrots and ranch, and chocolate chip cookies for dessert.

Our dinner meal on the last night is known as Final Banquet.  She served just about every boy I know’s favorite meal at camp: chicken fingers!  Along with these came lima beans, mashed potatoes, rolls and ice cream with chocolate sauce for dessert.

After dinner we marched to the Team Sports Field for our Junior Camp Olympiad, all clad in our Cherokee and Mohawk tribe shirts.  The field was constant motion as boys rotated through field games like the three legged race and the water balloon toss.  Lots of cheering and music accompanied our final event of the term.

In the end, we gathered in the gym.  Richard let us know that the Cherokees eaked out the win.  He first reminded us that at Alpine competition is not the most important part of Alpine.  That it is only a portion of the fun of camp.

We ended the evening by gathering by cabins in the gym to sing Thank you Lord, for Alpine and the Farewell Song, both longstanding traditional Alpine songs.

This will likely be our final update for the summer.  We do hope to continue to blog throughout the school year so check back often as you remember.  Thanks again for sharing your boys with us.

As a reminder, the gates will open at 7:30 AM Central tomorrow and pickup is until 11.  Please pick up any extra meds for your son just outside and to the left of the office.  We’ll have coffee and muffins in front of the dining hall if you have time to stop by and say hello!

Thanks for reading and good night for now . . .

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  1. ~ Catherine Loveman | 7 Aug 12 ~

    Thank you so much- We couldn’t get Wade (and Walton) to leave today ! ! !

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