The buses safe return

~ Glenn | Aug 2, 12 | 1 Comment |

Just a few minutes ago the last of 7 buses has returned happy and tired boys to camp.  Carter and I love waiting outside by the Lodge for each bus to return, hearing the laughter and stories as they disembark.  By all accounts it has been a full and fun trip day.  Highlights we’ve heard so far:

The Hunter 1’s loved seeing 7 states from the impressive lookouts at Rock City, a southern tradition dating back many years.  They also enjoyed eating Mr. T’s pizza outside the Tennessee Aquarium, overlooking the TN River.

Hunter 2’s and 3’s were quite excited to tell of all the rides they rode at Lake Winnie theme park.  It is the perfect park for this age boy, as the rides are not too “big” for them.

Trappers were pumped to get the inside tour of the Braves stadium.  No player sightings but they did get to see the locker room and press box.  Equally as exciting was the brand new dolphin show at the Georgia Aquarium, the largest aquarium in the world.

Scouts may have enjoyed the most thrills today, riding the big coasters at Dollywood.  with the Thunderhead and Tennessee Tornado being two favorites.  There are also plenty of games and more gentle rides for the less daring!

By the way, sorry I do not have a Trip Day picture to post with the blog tonight.  Because of the late trips I did not get one from the photographers.  I am using a photo of my girls, Caroline and Gigi, on one of their favorite amusement park rides.

We will all sleep well tonight and be ready for a big day of activities at camp.  Tomorrow night I’ll go over the regular camp schedule for the afternoon and evening.

Thanks for reading and good night for now . . .

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  1. ~ Richard Vance | 3 Aug 12 ~

    Thank you soooo much for posting your blog. It feels like we are at camp with the boys.

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