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After church this morning we took a picture of all the campers and counselors whose dads or even granddads camped or counseled at Alpine (photo above).  There were a lot of us.  I was included in the picture, my dad having been one of the first campers back in the 60’s, coming from McComb, MS.  It’s certainly exciting for us, and gratifying for Mr. O, to see 2nd and 3rd generation campers with us.  Not to boost Alpine up, but because it says so much about the wonderful family legacies we are blessed with here.

Family has been on my mind today.  Richard Vise, our camp minister, also talked about family this morning at worship – how we are a part of God’s family ultimately – and how God blesses us with earthly families, through good times and tough times.  It was a wonderful sermon.  Richard Vise, by the way, has been here all summer long with his family.  At camp his job is to meet with staff, to encourage them, have Bible studies for them, and make sure they are equipped to serve well here at camp.  It’s a position that Mr. O started years ago, one that is fairly uncommon in the camping world, but one that we feel is quite vital and well worth it.  Richard and his family reside in Auburn, AL during the year, where he serves as college minister on the campus of Auburn University with Reformed University Fellowship.

After lunch our photographer snapped shots of all boys who have a brother or cousin, or both, here at camp with them.  Again, we were reminded of family and how blessed we are here at Alpine to have wonderful families.  These photos, by the way, will be uploaded tonight so you can enjoy them.

Then after lunch someone sent me an article in the New York Times from yesterday about parenting, or more accurately overparenting.  These articles seem to be super popular these days and some can serve to dish out plenty of guilt.  But I found this one by Madeline Levine very helpful personally, as a father of two girls about to enter 1st grade next week.  Reading it, I was again struck by the fact that we have wonderful parents who send their boys to Alpine.  Good parents who value their children having some independence and developing resilience.  Here’s the article if you are interested in reading it.

All this to say, thank you for entrusting your children to our care.  It is a pleasure and a privilege to come alongside you and, hopefully, help in some way with the raising of your children.  Carter and I don’t take this responsibility for granted.

Ok, enough of the serious stuff!  Your boys have been having a blast out in camp this weekend.  The Cherokees took the extra ice cream today in the dining hall at lunch.  Program Director Richard Cox tallies up the point totals for both Cherokee and Mohawk at the end of each week, leading tribe getting the gift of an extra bowl of Moosetracks ice cream.  This week found the Cherokees in the lead.  Even though there are only two days left in camp there are still points to be had, and a comeback is certainly possible.  He is yet to add in final competition points from activities as well as points from our Olympic ceremony tomorrow night.

The Olympiad will cap off our Junior camp term, a plethora of field games for each age group to compete in.  Boys will march to the field decked out in Tribe shirts, Cherokee red and Mohawk blue.  We’ll have music and games and a good time for all, win or lose. The night will end with an announcement of the winning tribe for the term at our Closing ceremony.  In a nod to competition not being the end all, we will close by joining together as one camp to sing the camp song, Thank you Lord, for Alpine.

Sundays are set apart from the other days of the week, like you would expect.  No regular activities, a little later Reveille.  They are still action packed!  After church this morning boys had about an hour before lunch.  Each cabin picked a cabin activity to enjoy together with their counselors, some playing games, some frisbee golf, some going for a short hike.

This afternoon we enjoyed an age group block period, Richard Cox setting out one last group game for each age group.  We all ended up on the Team Sports Field a little before 5 for fresh, cold watermelon slices.

It is hard for us to believe that Junior term is coming to a close.  We have loved having Junior camp at the end of the summer, it’s worked seemlessly.  Staff is so experienced and confident in their jobs and the boys seem so happy to get to end their summer with this kind of fun.

Thanks for reading and good night for now . . .


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